Refund Policy

Refunds to buyers

We refund buyers via the payment method used for their order, with the exception of Bitcoin. If the purchase was place with Bitcoin, the refund will be processed via PayPal. If a buyer doesn’t have a PayPal account, we ask the buyer to create one with their Aftermarket registered email address to claim their refund. In the unlikely event we’re unable to send refunds to a PayPal account, we may provide refunds equivalent to the order value in MarketPoints redeemable for purchases on the Aftermarket.

Seller funds and Reimbursements

Seller funds

After a buyer reports that they didn’t receive an item or requests a return, or when a buyer asks us to step in and help, a seller’s funds may be held for withdrawal. I the funds aren’t available via the Aftermarket account, a PayPal dispute will be filed against the seller for seller funds received.


If a seller chooses to or is required to reimburse the buyer or Aftermarket, the reimbursement amount is removed from the seller’s Aftermarket account, and/or invoiced via PayPal.

If a seller issues a buyer a full refund before we’re asked to step in and help, we credit the seller’s final value fee. Other Aftermarket fees aren’t refunded.


Buyers and sellers have an opportunity within 30 days from when we make a decision about a transaction issue to appeal our decision by providing appropriate documentation. We have the right to seek reimbursement from the seller if a buyer successfully appeals.


Item not received
A buyer can report that they didn’t receive an item once the item’s latest estimated delivery date has passed, and for 30 days after the latest estimated delivery date.
For event tickets, a buyer must report that they didn’t receive the tickets no later than 7 days after the event date or 30 days from the latest estimated delivery date, whichever is later.
The seller has 3 business days from the report to respond to the buyer or offer a solution. If the seller does not respond or offer a solution, the buyer can ask us to step in and help.
If the buyer doesn’t ask us to step in and help within 30 days of reporting that they didn’t receive an item, the request closes automatically.

For additional information, visit Refunds and Returns support.