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Start selling your subscription box items online in your new subscription box store and shop for favorite products from popular subscription boxes.

Why Sell on The Aftermarket?

Since 2013, Find Subscription Boxes has helped individuals find the best monthly subscription boxes. Now, subscription box customers can earn money by selling subscription box items at The Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes, the first marketplace for subscription box items.


To start setting up your online shop, register for a FREE account on The Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes. After verifying your account click the “Apply to be a Seller” option in the menu select your new store name and open up shop!


Apply To Be A Seller

Increase the value of your monthly subscription boxes by selling or auctioning your unwanted items at The Aftermarket. You’ll receive a free online marketplace  to sell you stuff, order management and processing, a support message portal, and other tools to make setting up your own online store quick and easy.


How much does it cost to be a Seller? There is no cost to become a Seller on The Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes or to set-up an online store on The Aftermarket. We charge a nominal fee when a purchase is made from your store. Visit our Support Portal for additional details.


For additional questions about becoming an Aftermarket at Find Subscription Boxes Seller or how you can sell your subscription box items online, contact our Seller Support Team.


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